Mission & Values


The Global Development Initiative Grant (GDIG) is the only global donor affinity group dedicated to lifting individuals and families across the globe.

Our Mission is to foster solutions and partnerships among grantees and funders around the globe.

GDIG seeks to transform the relationship between the funding world and Individuals to one of mutual understanding and benefit.

It recognizes the urgent need for solutions that are led and understood by communities not only to improve lives in communities, but also as a resource for solving social, economic and environmental challenges around the world for everyone.

GDIG is led by donors and Indigenous leaders to advance a new movement in philanthropy that better values, supports and partners with communities. Donors and Indigenous leaders are afforded unique opportunities to respectfully learn from one another at our regional meetings and international donor summits. This face-to-face engagement plants the seeds for trust and enduring collaborations. We build capacity for both Indigenous and international communities seeking support and donors interested in high impact philanthropy.  Personalized encounters, buttressed by social media, case studies and original research on best practices, form the cornerstones of GDIG’s strategy.

GDIG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is recognized affinity group of the Council on Foundations. It was started in 2012 as part of the Disaster Management Agenda.


The mission envisions value-based partnerships that incorporate GDIG’s “4Rs” to re-frame funding relationships for greater beneficial impact.  GDIG educates its members and allies to practice a new paradigm of giving based on “The Four R’s of Indigenous Philanthropy” —Respect, Reciprocity, Responsibility and Relationships.
RESPECT: Honor traditions and respect the ideas of Indigenous and international Peoples. Respect diverse ways, and use processes and approaches that are transparent, open, adaptable, and flexible. Work directly with communities to gain understanding and knowledge about the community, issues and solutions. Go beyond making grants and think about building long-term relationships and self-reliant communities.
RECIPROCITY: Embrace the idea that giving and receiving connect people, beliefs and actions. It is not all about money, and funders also need to be open to receiving. Giving and receiving from the Earth’s endowments is also part of a virtuous circle of healing principles.
RESPONSIBILITY: Recognize that Indigenous and international communities should speak for themselves and be responsible for their own voice in meetings, negotiations and on issues.